Why You Need A Personal Branding Photoshoot?

So much of my time working with my personal branding clients is spent gently peeling away the layers of insecurity and helping women show up in their business by making it more personal to them.

Why are Irish women so afraid to be seen when we have so much to offer our clients? Is this a learned behaviour or did we inherit it from the women before us?

We have so much to offer and we are so great at sharing and encouraging other women in business while many of us prefer we hide in the shadows.

Using stock images is fine for generic posts but who wants to be generic when instead you can have you our own images and can start showing your beautiful face.

If you're building your business and brand around your values and personality, then the right people will want in on the journey.

This can also build trust and allow you to introduce new services or products to them without loosing their interest because it is coming from you and that connection is ultimately why they are following you!

Having a personal branding portfolio also lets you store all of your favorite work in one place, gives people insight into what makes your business different, and helps you build your network. When you're invited onto a podcast or being featured in the media, you can point people directly towards, you’ve created a lead-generating machine. It’s that simple.

A Personal branding photoshoot has to be unique to your business, and — like all photography — its unique to each person, too.

By creating this with the right personal branding photographer, you’ll be able to actually show how your vision comes to life. More importantly, your future and potential clients will be able to picture themselves inside that vision… and that’s absolutely essential.


  1. Because you owe it to yourself to put a face to your business you’re proud of.

  2. Getting people really excited about and connecting to your work.

  3. From the onset you are planting the seed for them to come on a journey with you.

  4. Build excitement about working with you by showing a diverse selection on behind the scenes of you at work. Staying authentic is key.

  5. You are connecting with your audience and building trust way before they decide to even book or buy from you.

  6. When you’re building your personal branding portfolio, ask yourself what clients you’re doing this to attract — and then keep that in mind. From the messaging that accompanies your photos to the photos themselves, work to continually stand out to that target audience of yours.

  7. It's a call to action, the main aim for your personal branding photoshoot is to get clients to book you, so make it easy for them by adding a book now on your posts.

Trust me, — I know the thoughts of booking a personal branding photo-shoot may be daunting and may be something you think you can put off? But, your personal branding portfolio doesn’t have to be a stressful! Setting the right intentions and finding the right team is all you have to do.

I have been involved with so many clients who are stepping forward and standing out like never before. They have surrendered and trusted the process. I promise it’s possible — more than your realise.

If you’re ready to book your own personal branding portfolio. I'm have limited availability for October 2021 and February 2022.


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