Let Me Help You Find Your Light

Let me help you Find Your Light!

In 2007 I journeyed to a medieval villa in the Chianti Region of Italy about an hour outside of the beautiful city of Florence. The purpose of said journey was to attend a week-long seminar with a group of like-minded photographers from all corners the globe who, like myself, sought to learn from an renowned master of photography.

The thought of further developing my skills in the art of taking photographs was simply thrilling. Knowing that I was going to leave with so many insightful tips on how to improve my future photography business was an exhilarating feeling that I will never forget.

On the first morning of the seminar I could tell I was not the only one who felt the same way. The master photographer himself could not be more unassuming and delightful. When the seminar began he gave us the only tip he said we will ever need!


I felt cheated was that it? All this way for that one word, there has to be more?

But there wasn't! In that 7 days, I learned more about light than I knew was possible, 14 Years later I still thank him daily for his seminar, the week was spent learning and understanding light and its direction, how to use it and how to avoid it.

I'd love to help you feel more confident with something as simple as understanding light and in my first newsletter, I will share with you how to find the best light around your home and use it to your advantage. The way I use it for all my photography shoots from lifestyle portraits to personal branding photography and fine art.

If you have an interest in capturing life events for social media content and family gatherings, signing up to my newsletter here and where going forward I will be discussing and sharing Life over 40, Photography, Travel, Helping you show up in Business, Empty Nest Syndrome, Business Spotlights, and overcoming your FEAR of being seen in the public domain.

I'm excited to have you join me.

Ev xx

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