Personal branding is a relatively new concept that many small business owners are hearing about for the first time and are not sure if they need it. Personal branding shoots are a very important investment in your business and should be planned carefully to ensure you get a fabulous range of images that you can use across all your communication channels. If you are ready to step out but need direction, want to show your authenticity but need guidance, passionate about helping people but nervous about having your photograph taken, I am here for you and will help you every step of the way towards creating whole-hearted images that will attract the dream clients for you and your business to flourish. 


Your brand identity is the framework of you and your business and critical in communicating the Who - What - Why of your business. 


It is important to work with a professional branding photographer who is passionate about getting to know you and the story behind your brand. This runs much deeper than colour palettes and logos, this is about capturing who you are and what your story is, and how you want to world to see you. The photoshoot will of course include some headshots but will ultimately delve much deeper into how it feels to work with you.


After 16 years of photographing women, I know my gift is showing you how amazing you are and this is the first step your will need to show up in your business. 




Your session will be planned to perfection, we will have 2 consultations where I get to know your story and background to piece together everything that has led you to where you are today and how you got here. If we connect over these conversations and we are both excited about working together, the fun can start! 


A questionnaire will be sent that will help pull out all the reasons why and how you see the future of your brand. Your mood board will be set up and a shoot list created. I will walk you through this process and prepare you for what you need for the shoot ( outfits/props/locations). 


On the day of your personal branding shoot, I will gently guide you through the whole session. We will be working with natural light and you will enjoy every second of it. It is an amazing experience and most clients say it was the first time they really believed in themselves and their business. I know how hard it can be to stand in front of a camera but I know I can bring out the magic in you if you trust in the process! 

Evelyn Woodard

Personal Branding & Headshots



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