Become Friends with Your Camera 

Love & Light Photography Workshops with The Woodards


Understanding light in your camera 

Exposure triangle



For the past few years in the world of photography, there has been a huge emphasis on cameras, lenses and all the different editing tools and apps. While these are so important,  for us the fundamental art of photography is understanding where light is coming from and how to use it. The creative perspective and art of capturing great images.


As a woman who entered the photography world 18 years ago at the cusp of digital, there was a super fast learning curve and there were rock stars in the photography world that everyone wanted to learn from. We attended many high-end workshops in Ireland, UK and  Italy and our work reflected it. 


While I loved the buzz around this, I was often filled with imposter syndrome and would never ask a question because I felt it would have been a stupid one so I would wait until after the class and ask Keith because he takes in information much quicker than I do when it came to the technical side of photography but he had a way of explaining it to me that just made sense. 


We all learn in different ways and I prefer a slower hands-on approach where I don’t feel intimidated and can ask questions! Our intention for these courses is that you too can learn to take great photographs in a non-judgemental environment. 


This is not a course about how to use your particular camera, this is about learning how every camera works. 


The camera is just an instrument recording what you see, not the other way around! 



This course is for you if ; 

You are not sure how the settings in your camera work and always put into P mode ( which doesn’t mean professional ;-)

You don’t understand the difference between shutter speed & f -stops 

You are not sure what composition means 

You know you have a great eye for photography but sometimes the “ camera lets you down”’

You have an interest in how light works and why it matters so much

Your images are too dark and are often blurry

You never take that camera you always wanted out of the box and instead use your phone or would love to invest in a good camera and have no idea where to start. 


This half-day workshop is female only with limited attendees, there will be no judgement and plenty of time to ask questions. Towards the end of the day, there will be time to have some practice work in the studio. If you don’t have a camera, we will have 1 or 2 spares you can have access to. 


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